GTX 1080 GPU fan sensor disappearing


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I found a problem with the GPU fan sensor on my ASUS STRIX GTX1080.
The GPU fan sensor is most times not detected by HWINfo. It simply does not show up in the Sensor Status window.
But it seems that in rare cases it is detected for some reason. So yesterday I was able to see it in HWINfo and also in the HWInfo Shared Memory Viewer.
I wrote down the ID:

This morning the sensor is not shown again.

Any Idea why this is happening?
You are right!!! I just tested it. Usually the fan is not spinning when you're just doing basic stuff under windows. But when I load a game it starts and it also appears in HWInfo.

Is there a way to make it show up even if it is not initially spinning? I mean the sensor must be available anyways?
Please try the latest HWiNFO Beta (v5.39, Build 3020). That fixes the fan speed RPM when not spinning, the next build released will also fix the fan speed % in this case.