having dual physical CPU's and getting HWiNFO to display both simultaneously


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Hey guys, quick question, i have a privately owned and operated server here in my house. it does not do anything for monetary gain, if thats relevant its just a private game host/plex server.

id like to have the System Summary dashboard display both Xeon 5540's active clocks simultaneously. is that possible? right now it only shows me 1 CPU based on which one is selected in the Summary Window. can i get both to show?

This is not possible in the Summary window, use the Sensors window to show this and much more.
okay, not possible, thanks

id rather not have the giant sensors window up, i was hoping to just use the little Active Clocks. but no biggie
ill consider it, i have a preference to that little window and its moving bars over just the numbers. like i said, no biggie, was just curious if it was possible to have both CPU's in those little windows :)