I am a real fan of this program and have a few dumb queries to ask.
First I always get "there is an update" message when opening the program and it is really nothing to close it but why does it happen because when oen clicks on it there is nothing to update?.
Not being a computer whizz either some of the terminology has me at a doisadvantage such the AVCC and VSB after the stated volts in saty the power available. is there a glossary ofr that otr do Ihave to keep Googling what they mean.

The other small item is the power section does not give the PSU device's maodel only some sort of control system in my case Nuvotron (Asusu P8Z77-V) is there any section where I can pull this up a I do get a lot of queries where the poster is not giving all the specs of the machine and doesn't know how to.
Attached is a pic I use a lot.


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I'm not sure what kind of update notifications you get, but I suppose it's the Beta builds. But if you hit Update, it will direct you to the download page, where you can download the proper new build. You can also anytime disable either all update notifications, or only those regarding Beta builds.

AVCC/3VSB is usually the internal monitoring circuit's +3.3V input voltage. As for the other voltages, they should be quite accurate, you can verify those values against ASUS own tools, but I believe they will match pretty exactly.

I'm afraid, it's not possible to detect the PSU model and further information. Most PSUs do not support any interface which would make this possible, though this might change in the future.
Thanks Martin I was waiting for an email to say I had a reply like you do with some forums and why I am late replying.
Thats ok about the PSU for me it is when I get others to use it for me so I know just what thyey have got. In general I find the details of installed hardware so really helpful especially when trying to get details of RAM, audio, and graphic chips on laptops as so many do not give any hint at all to who the manufacturer is, and one neeeds that litle bit extra to track down drivers and to see the volts etc they are using [/font].

Anyway thanks for a great little program it certainly makes my life whole lot easier.