High PCH Temperature Reported After Resuming from Sleep.


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Hi, I have an MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard and with HWInfo64 v.6.34-4300. When I first boot my computer the PCH Temperature is reported in the 30C range. After resuming from sleep, the PCH Temperature is reported as being 152C. The motherboard is running with the latest Bios and drivers for it. This is happening with Windows 10 Home 64 bit 20H2. I have attached Debug files, with each being labelled as to the PCH temperature reported when the debug was created.


This is a BIOS issue that doesn't properly restore PCH temperature sensor configuration after resume (more precisely the TBAR base range).
You should contact MSI to fix this.
Found the issue. For some reason if the Above 4G Encoding/Cryptomining (useful for memory remapping with multi GPUs) setting is enabled, HWInfo reports the high PCH temps after resume. If that setting is disabled, then the PCH temp is reported as normal.
Hmm, this is interesting. That high PCH temperature is actually an invalid readout caused by malfunction of the PCH thermal device base address. That address is located above 4GB (set by BIOS) and it looks like that setting does truncate the address (forces below 4GB) which results in invalid memory mapping.