How clean install?

Hi guys!

As far as i can remember i used only portable versions before. I got some new hardware and downloaded the "hwi_600_installer". Now i still have all the old settings i.e. my layout or alerts.

Is there any old config file or registry entry i need to delete?

No need to delete anything, just install the new version.
If you'd still like to delete old settings, you can press the "Reset Preferences" button in main settings.
Hi Martin,

i tried this few times but maybe i did it wrong. The software was already running while i clicked reset. I now thought what you could have meaned by "main settings". So i clicked on settings before the the software really starts. I mean the little window which is asking for sensory or summary only. Further more i unchecked the "remember preferences" but i am not sure about this point.

Looks like that was the problem! It doesnt work, while the software is already open. Thanks for you quick help, Martin.
And do you have any issues now?
"Remember preferences" is best enabled, unless you don't want HWiNFO to keep any settings including window positions, etc.