How do you run a report to submit


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I figured out how to do a debug file, by setting it in the .ini file as mine was starting up automatically.
However I cannot figure out this report file, there are no such files in the program directory.
I am running 4.10 and not seeing any disk sensors.
You can create report file only from the main program menu. So in case you're running HWiNFO in sensor-only mode, you need to disable this mode in order to see the main program.
Anyway, for your problem (not seeing any disk sensors), the debug file might be sufficient for analysis.
I eventually reinstalled program to get the report. Will email to you. Could not figure how to disable autostart.
What does Temperature 3 measure on this Gigabyte GA970A-UD3 r1.2 board.
Is it NB or VRM.
HWiNFO can't report disk details because of the AMD RAID drivers which do not return the required information. You might try to update these drivers to the latest version, sometimes this helps.
"Temperature 3" on your mainboard might be a bogus reading of a not connected sensor input, or it might be measuring some place on the mainboard, which I'm afraid only the mainboard manufacturer knows exactly. So if it seems to return values in invalid range, just ignore it.