How precise is HWiNFO?


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Hello there!

I've been using HWiNFO to compare my PSU voltages to those I see on some reviews.

My questions is, how precise is HWiNFO voltages in comparison to Physical measured ones?

For example, jhonnyguru reports my PSU +12v rail is outputting 12.5v, yet HWiNFO only shows 12v.

I know there are always some variations from PSU to PSU, but thats a huge variation.

Such values are measured using internal PSU circuits and there can be some difference between this and values measured using a more precise DMM.
But I too think that 12.5V would be a too big difference. Which PSU do you have?
Hello Martin!

First of all thank you for taking your time to make this tool and to answer my question.

I'm using a Corsair rm750x.

The values measured where taken directly from the power cables that come from the PSU.
I was under the impression HWiNFO took its values from some kind of voltage regulators on the motherboard.

On this example, measured 12.5v, on the +12v line, on his rm750x.
Yet HWiNFO is showing that my +12 line is outputing 12v.

That's a 0.5v difference. I know every PSU is deferent and there might be slight fluctuations.

My questions is, how precise are the HWiNFO values versus values taken directly from the power lines?
I'm sorry, I have never compared such readouts with a DMM. HWiNFO only reports what the PSU measures using its own circuits, so I think you will get a better response on Corsair forums.