How to diagnostic my pc


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I have a problem with my pc intel Xeon CPU 2,8ghz 16 go ram , I getting a screen sometimes and the pc stop and my screen is full of white square and i have to restart it to fix my issue. I check with the ndvia support because it seems to me thats a graphic card issue. After the tech support of ndvia told me somes task to do, the issue comeback after.

(see the image of my screen)

Because I am not sure anymore the issue come from the graphic cards , Could i used the HWiNFO software to know which device that cause my issuescreen issue pc stop
Well, the simplest thing to do is to swap the graphics card. Which card do you have?

Hi, thank you for the answer , the graphic card is NVDIA GeForce GTXV 750 Ti . Do you think the best way to troubleshoot my problem is test with a new card ? This cards is quite expensive, maybe I can order one thru amazone and if its not that return it. What do you think?
The picture you provided leads me to believe, the graphics card is defective, maybe VRAM. However, if you overclocked the card, I strongly recommend to remove that overclock. You can also try to underclock it, although that doesn't help with defective VRAM.

What kind of card you replace it with (new or used) is up to you. Same model or different model - also up to you. The important thing is that it's another card. If you don't require the performance provided by your current card, you can also temporarily use a dirt-cheap one like a GT210/GT710 or similar. If you don't like to buy a new product just to return it after a short period of time, perhaps you can ask someone you know to lend you a spare one. If your CPU has an integrated GPU, you can just switch to that, thus removing the graphics card from the equation.

You have a lot of options, now it's time to choose ;).