HP 2760p support for fan control


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Hi Martin, hi all,

as I am new to this board (but not new to boards in general) this is my first post here and I would like to thank Martin for his work which is really remarkable and worth to be mentioned.

My last notebook have been a HP 2740. hwinfo did support this computer in (as far as I can say) every aspect - specially in controlling the cpu-fan.

My current notebook is a 2760p with a core i5 2540m cpu and a QM67 chipset. Unfortunately, hwinfo do not support fan-control on this platform - the fan icon is not visible in the sensor status window.

My question is whether there will be support (specially fan-control) for this machine too? It is not as bad as the 2740p regarding fan noise but from time to time a little bit nerving (this is a German phrase - I don't know if this is existing in English too - meaning stressful, annoying).

Every help, tip, foreshadow will be appreciated.

Thank you, Jo
In Canada we usually say "unnerving", other than that I will leave you to Martin. :D

I understand that term :) Unfortunately it's not possible to support fan control on all different kinds of notebooks, since they use proprietary methods to do this. As long as you don't see an "SMSC" sensor in the sensor list, then I don't think I can control the fans there and I'm sorry, but there is no short-term plan to do this.