HP Omen 15 dh-0203ng - fan readings incorrect


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Thanks for the great tool!

I'm running latest hwinfo beta on HP Omen 15 HP Omen 15 dh-0203ng, and noticed the folowing:

1. HWINFO detects only one of two fans, I guess the one on the CPU. GPU fan is not detected.

2. HWINFO reflects irrelevant fan speed independently of how fast the CPU fan is actually spinning. E.g. here's what I get when the fan is off:

Annotation 2020-05-09 100028.png

3. Just to mention, I get the following warning when I start Sensors:

Annotation 2020-05-09 100027.png

Laptop product page: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/omen-by-hp-15-dh0000-laptop-pc-series/26122167/model/29716025


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We do not have reliable information for fan speed monitoring on HP laptops. This is just an unofficial attempt to monitor the fan which is not guaranteed to be working on all models.
So HWiNFO shows always the same fan speed as on the picture above?
The missing PCH temperature might be due to a BIOS update. Some recent BIOS updates for Intel systems block the access to PCH thermal monitoring.
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So HWiNFO shows always the same fan speed as on the picture above?
No, it varies from ~9500 to ~13000, but never corresponds to an actual fan speed and never goes down to 0.
Should I be able to help somehow to figure this out, just let me know.