HWINFO 6.20 X64 when power on from suspend the program close


In Windows 10 RS5 1809 64 bits Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 AMD FX-6300 4 GB RAM GeForce GT 640 when entering suspend power mode S3 and after power on the program and the icons in trayicon are closed.
Have any option to avoid that problem ?
Today I will try to post here an log file.
Have a nice day.
Please post the HWiNFO Debug File capturing the suspend/resume sequence and I will check that.
HWINFO64 is closed also in Task Manager.
I has tested in an Windows 10 1809 64 bits with only Nvidia display driver and has the same result.
That looks like either HWiNFO is crashing during resume or something has closed it. But in case of a crash you'd get an application crash popup message from Windows which I assume isn't the case.
Does Even Viewer perhaps list some events related to such a crash?
Event Log and another LOG
Problem Signature
P1: HWiNFO64.exe
P2: 6.20.4030.0
P3: 5de7ab87
P4: HWiNFO64.exe
P5: 6.20.4030.0
P6: 5de7ab87
P7: c000041d
P8: 000000000011fb59

code exception: 0xc000041d
displacement fails: 0x000000000011fb59
ID process: 0x1390

code exception: 0xc0000005
displacement fails: 0x000000000011fb59
ID process: 0x1390


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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I need to add more an detail.
Few times in using Sensor Status when selecting a sensor and selecting properties trying configure and not changing any setiings when closing the configuration window HWINFO crash in the same way how above was posted.
Please try to completely reset preferences in HWiNFO if that will help.
Removed hwinfo.ini and reset registry settings and continue the issue.
Is how if when the system return from standby HWINFO try to read BIOS or other data that is not being using exact memory address.
Memory RAM is fine .... the BIOS is Award from Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3. Using all BIOS default options.
Few times when in sensor window clicking in an sensor crash HWINFO. The only sensor data that I see being showed wrong is GPU memory clock 200 MHZ being really 405 MHZ in an GeForce GT 640 GDDR5 1 GB. CPU and Memory data is correct.
I use HWINFO portable in C:\Program Files\HWINFO.
I will test using the installer version and some previous versions and after I post here the log if happen crash.
Have an nice day.
Current 6.22 and beta both installer or portable crash when power on from suspend and few times when selecting sensors in sensor window.
Tested version 6.14 without problems not crashing after power on from suspend stand by using the exact same options used in 6.22.