HWiNFO 6.24 crashes after a while



I am using the portable version of HWiNFO 6.24 64bit, it keeps crashing after a few hours. I tried resetting the preferences and downloaded the latest beta as well but no luck. I have attached the debug file as you request in your post.

Thanks in advance!


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Try to disable monitoring of some sensors (hit Del key over the sensor heading) if that will help. I'd suggest to start with the Disk SMART sensor.
Disabling SMART check completely did not work, i will try monitoring each device alone and see when problems will start to appear.

..Just thought i should inform you of the solution i found to my problem, a clean install of windows fixed it all.
I don't know why and i had scanned for any malware already, but obviously something messed with hwinfo..

Thanks for your suggestions.