I fixed it up to the point of full usability.


You can add and remove servers and see all their sensors. Pretty straightforward. It only works through the hwinfo shared server interface, which means it will probably only work on a LAN unless your hwinfo server is visible on the internet. Adding new interfaces to read from different sources wouldn't be hard, but what other plugin is good for this? I also intend at some point to add notifications - for if the machine goes down or a sensor limit is exceeded.
No, please don't use the "HWiNFO" name, as this is a reserved/copyrighted name. You might use something like "Remote viewer for HWiNFO" or similar.
Not a bad idea for checking some basic info when building your own ports, or quickly looking at kernel, power usage that kind of stuff. The Android versions provided by many telco providers are often out of date (at least in this neck of the woods) and provide little in the way of hardware info without developer mode enabled at least. :idea:

I'm fortunate enough not to own anything Android, but often get asked, "why does my camera not work on my new phone?" I mostly suspect dropping it, that'll likely break their $1000 brick, or camera, screen etc. Occasionally they will work again depending on model and how much abuse it needs to replace screen and other parts, flash on new firmware, modem. I prefer the cheap ones with long lasting batteries that don't explode if I sit on them, and as I keep being told, I apparently "need" one. Though people still find me without a GPS monitor and 24/7 on call access, so I'm a little dubious, but they seem to connect to all kinds of insecure services my PC absolutely refuses to interact with in a functional manner. :p