HWiNFO causing WoW to crash


When I have the latest version of HWiNFO open the game World of Warcraft will hang and stop working. Once I shut down HWiNFO the game will run fine. Everything was fine until this latest update.
What's your system configuration? A HWiNFO Debug File will be helpful.
Will HWiNFO hang too?
I have attached the system info. I just tried to uninstall and reinstall the prior version to see if it would cause the issue still, as I was running 6.10 for sometime and haven't had an issue before. While it is running it causes the game to hang then finally get windows force close application window. HwInfo seems to be running fine afterwords until running WoW, maybe some recent update from blizzard is causing an issue?


Such issue is very difficult to diagnose as it could have several reasons.
As first I'd suggest to upgrade the NVIDIA drivers to latest version and if possible the BIOS too.