HWINFO CPU Core Clock 1MHZ - Minimum Bug or?


Hey there, another point that I noticed, 
what does this here mean:

Current Clock ist 4500MHZ, but sometimes it shows that the CPUs minimum clock on one/two cores is around 1MHZ or 1.8MHZ?


or is this just a reading error of HWINFO that can occure?

EDIT:  Debug File added



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Well, it looks like a reading error. Can you please catch this situation while Debug Mode is enabled and then attach here the resulting HWiNFO64.DBG file for analysis ?
yes, running Prime 95 right now and HWINFO in Debug mode, I will asap upload it then.

File added in main post



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It's readout error. Are you maybe running some other monitoring/OC tools together with HWiNFO ? It could be a conflict between them...
Can you try to test without MSI Afterburner to see if the issue happen too ?
I'll also try to filter-out such invalid values in the next build of HWiNFO.
closed all these applications.

getting on all 4 cores these reading error bug?

adding a new debug file, maybe you can tell me what that is



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It's a bug in BCLK readout, something seems to be interfering with HWiNFO, but I don't know what exactly is that (maybe BIOS, or OS).
I'll try to filter-out such invalid values in the next build of HWiNFO.
ah its ok that you can confirm its a Bug. did other users reported this before?

on my Haswell System it is not happening, there it runs minium never below 4400MHZ.

only on the Skylake System as you saw on the screenshot and the 2 debug files.

thought my CPU is damaged?
Don't worry everything is OK with your system.
It's different on Skylake, because it uses a different method to read the BCLK.