HWinfo creating notepad shortcut on desktop


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Everytime I open HWinfo64 with the icon on my desktop, it creates a shortcut to notepad that is just black. If I exit HWinfo it goes away, but if i select sensors only during HWinfo start up then the icon remains after i close HWinfo. Whats up with that? I did have HWinfo on this computer a few months back but uninstalled it and dont remember this being an issue. Any help is appreciated.
Do you have the whole application placed in the Desktop folder? If yes, move it to another one and create a shortcut to the EXE.
You might also use the HWiNFO installer to install it and then overwrite the files with latest Beta if you're looking for that version.
I download the beta, and i deleted the zipped file once installed. Maybe thats my issue, i dont have any files to add to a folder except the actual HWinfo file...
I created an account to say I am experiencing the same thing.

In the Notepad it logs data i.e.

I tried to uninstall and re-install the program, but the issue does not go away.

This all happens when I select "sensor" when loading the program. Can someone provide assistance? thanks