HwInfo doesnt properly scale if you switch between two monitors


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I am using two different monitors I switch between often, one 1080p with 100% DPI scaling, and the other 4k with 200% DPI scaling. The problem is now, that HwInfo doesnt properly auto scales if you switch the monitor, resulting in something like this:


Or the opposite, where everything is outscaled dramatically.

It would be nice, if there was an auto scale function, which properly scales the window, or HwInfo saves the scale for different monitors/resolutions/DPI options.

I noticed this just happens if you switch the monitor while being in the same Windows session. If you log out or restart Windows it is fixed again the next time HwInfo starts.
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Per-monitor DPI scaling is a feature in Windows and I have tried to support this some time ago but it didn't work. The system didn't deliver the required messages for some reason...