HWinfo freezes since I installed a MSI Meg AI1300P PSU


Hello everyone
I have always used HWinfo without problems, with the pitikapp program to monitor the PC while I play games.
But since I installed MSI digital PSU which HWinfo monitors, soon after starting a game, HWinfo freezes and the values don't change. When I'm on desktop it works fine.
I do not know what it could be. I have installed new versions, even beta versions and the same thing happens.
Is there any solution ?. I have disabled EC support and still the same.

Thanks for everything.
Greetings from Spain
Thanks again.
Now they are about 4 megabytes in rar but I can't either

Edit: I have tried with the 7zip program, and it results in a file of about 3 megabytes but I cannot upload it to the forum either because it appears again that it is very long.
the original file is about 144 megabytes
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Thanks. Yes, it's because the MSI PSU stops responding for some reason and that blocks HWiNFO then.
I will implement a workaround for this in the next (Beta) build.
Thank you so much.
One of the reasons I bought this PSU is to be able to monitor it with HWinfo.
One question, in case I misunderstood.
It's a current PSU problem with HWinfo.There is no problem with the PSU right?

Thanks again
Well, I'm not sure who is to blame for this - whether the PSU's firmware or some USB driver.
Try to upgrade the firmware in PSU if that's possible.
Would love to know if its going to be possible to use HWiNfo with this PSU building new system atm and this PSU is seams to be very good, hopefuly the monitoring part going to work aswell.
Hello again. I've been looking and there is no firmware for the PSU. The software is the MSI Center that is used to monitor and regulate the fan. Little more.
HWinfo does monitor it. The problem is that after a while the program freezes and the sensors remain fixed. Until that happens, it works fine.
It will be great if a new HWinfo update fixes it
Thanks for everything
Got the Psu working and HWinfo64 gives me all the readings like my old Corsair 650i, the only issue iam seeing atm is that the Psu stops giving info for a second and dispays all Zeroes then goes back to normal.
I Havent instaled the Msi software not even once maybe you should Try it without the Msi software running @kikete.