HWInfo integration into Home Assistant, via MQTT

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Hi everyone congratulations, the tool works perfectly but.
I have a question, is there a way to update the data faster? because I configure it in HWinfo, but they keep updating every 2 or 3 seconds
I would like to be possible every 500ms
Thanks a lot
It works perfect, thank you very much

excellent tool

I allow myself to suggest another function, which (at least to me) would work very well.

I put in context:

I have a computer, in which I have kodi installed, if I boot from the shell, I have tried this tool on it and it turns out that when starting up... the HWinfo starts before fipha, then it shows an error.

the perfect function would be that there was a value to search for sensors again... for example "retry = 5000 ms"

that is, if fipha runs and does not detect HWINFO sensors in 5 seconds, try searching again and so on while fipha is running

That function would be perfect for me... and I suppose for many of those who use it

Thank you very much in advance
Also, HWiNFO doesn't accept data back from other applications. The only way to feed data into HWiNFO is using the Custom User Sensor:
Apologies for the necro...
Do I have to manually add all sensor configurations to HWINFO.INC?
Asking because I successfully installed and configured the tool, however in MQTT Explorer and Home Assistant I can only see two values ("frame rate" and "temperature ssd").
Another thing I tried was replacing hwinfo.inc with another one which I have in Rainmeter. MQTT explorer populated with quite a few more entries, however most of them were differently formatted, and obviously they didn't work correctly.

If so, there's a lot of work ahead of me, because I am monitoring two different machines (soon three). But it is what it is, I just wanted to make sure there's no other way before starting a long string of edits.