HWinfo not auto starting correctly.


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So recently I got issue with HWinfo.

When auto boot the program is not lauching correctly, there is no HWinfo icon in the system tray but program is running apperent viewed in task manager. I cannot kill the program to start manualy even not trough taskkill in cdm as said program is not running but it is.

I can get program to run by deleteing ini file but when setup again to auto start on boot and sensor mode only it refuse to boot correctly again.

its highly annoying, sometimes it suddenly runs after very long time.

It did not used to do this but think after an update ( no idea wich one ) that is caused this issue. if my memory served me correctly it after an update that I also had to renew my license key.

any idea how to fix it?
Are you using some other monitoring tools or RGB control software? That might be colliding with HWiNFO and causing excessive delays.
I use MSI offline dragon center version, ICUE 3 but never had issues with this things running till mention update of hwinfo. I uninstalled MSI stuff still not running correctly. what kind of programs could be more intefering?
Some RGB control software is known to cause such issues.
Alternatively you might also try to adjust the startup delay for the HWiNFO task in Windows Task Scheduler.