HWInfo source code


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I'm interested in some parts of the source code of hwinfo.
In my project (coding with vs15 , c#) it's necessary to get some SATA speed information (like r/w..) but everything which is provided by Microsoft doesn't work properly.
For example with the class below it's possible to receive a few data but not the ones I need (negotiated speed).


CIMWin32 WMI Providers -> Win32_IDEControllerDevice

uint32 NegotiatedDataWidth;

uint64  NegotiatedSpeed;

It seems like HWInfo has access to these data when I use your program and my question is "How did u do that"? :D
MS has a few different classes but not even one could show me the SATA speed.
Maybe you could help me with my issue. Thanks in advance!

HWiNFO doesn't rely on WMI and its source code is not available.
I suggest you check a tool like CrystalDiskInfo that is open source and can gather that kind of information.