hwinfo temperature unit show as "XC" in osd


I'm using Hwinfo 64bit 5.56 and RTSS 7.0 beta19 to show OSD in games. The problem is that temperature unit show as "XC" instead of "°C" in osd. Do you know if this is a configuration problem or can it be fixed?

Screenshots can be found at this link for reference:

Thanks for your assistance in advance,
You seem the be using a Chinese locale and the "°" is a special sign, which has a different encoding in your case.
I will check this, but this will probably require also RTSS to properly support such encoding. So I'm not sure if this can be fixed in HWiNFO, it's possible that RTSS will need to be fixed.
Yes, my locale is Chinese(Taiwan). Does HWinfo use unicode or ISO-based encodings? This shouldn't be a problem if unicode is used.

RTSS can display "°C" from Afterburner correctly:

Thanks for your investigation.
HWiNFO is not Unicode, but this should not matter in this case as the issue is probably in the interface between HWiNFO and RTSS.
I'm checking this with the author of RTSS/AB.
OK, so problem is clarified :) It will be fixed in the next (Beta) build of HWiNFO ;)
Please try the new Beta build v5.57-3235 if this problem is fixed and let me know the result.