HWinfo unable to determined my laptop fan speed value ASUS X560UD


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Hello there.

I have a rather unpopular laptop which is ASUS X560UD. I try to measure the fan speed via HWinfo but HWinfo is not detecting my laptop fan. Is there any way that I need to do to fix this?

I attach the log from hwinfo.

Anyway, I'm using Notebookfancontrol to control my laptop fan speed. The app don't have my laptop config, and I use ASUS X580VD config to control my laptop fan. maybe it does have the same I/O chip? I don't know whether it will help to fix the problem.

Thank you for your help.


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Not sure if I can figure out how to report fan speed here. I will need to see the full HWiNFO report file (not sensor log) and the EC Memory dump made using RW-Everything tool. Check a few notebook fan speed threads (i.e. Clevo) on this forum for more information how to get that data.