HWiNFO v7.24 released


HWiNFO Author
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HWiNFO v7.24 available.

  • Improved support of next-generation AMD CPUs and APUs.
  • Improved monitoring of NZXT Kraken coolers when started before CAM.
  • Improved support of dual-socket AMD EPYC systems.
  • Added Glenfly Tech GF ARISE GPU.
  • Improved support of Alder Lake-PS (IoT).
  • Improved support of Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Added support of Nuvoton NCT7491.
  • Added monitoring of PL1 and PL2 limits on Intel GPUs.
  • Added more Intel Arc graphics models.
  • Added AMD Radeon RX 6400.
  • Added AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT, 6750 XT, 6950 XT.
Thank you for the very powerful and useful program you have created
But There is only one problem, that please show the system in the ip local network section
The only thing in the program or program report is to show ip local, please add it to the program
Like the ipconfig command in cmd

Show Windows specifications such as Windows installation date, type, etc.
Like the systeminfo command in cmd

Please apply these in the new version