HWiNFO v7.66 released


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HWiNFO v7.66 available.

  • Added fan speed monitoring on ASUS VivoBook X513.
  • Added command-line argument to exclude processes in PresentMon.
  • Fixed monitoring of VRM HS Fan on ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I and X670E-I.
  • Enhanced monitoring on ASUS TRX50 and WRX90E series.
  • Enhanced reading of DIMM SPD on AMD Storm Peak systems.
  • Added new Intel Arc models.
  • Minor updates and bugfixes.
  • Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER.
  • Improved monitoring of chipset temperature for some older Intel PCHs.
  • Added reporting of AGESA version on some later mainboards.
  • Fixed VRM monitoring after resume from standby on some GIGABYTE mainboards.
  • Added VRM VOUT monitoring on later ASUS mainboards.
  • Fixed a possible crash in NVML during NVIDIA GPU driver update.
  • Fixed a possible BSOD on systems with locked PCI configuration access.
  • Added preliminary Intel NPU support.
  • Added fan speed monitoring on ASUS TUF Gaming F17 FX707ZM.
Is Build 5271 actually v7.66 or v7.67 Beta as the current v7.66 released is also build 5271? The v7.67 Build 5271 linked in post #2 appears to have only the x64 and not the x86(32 bit) .exe.
v7.66 build 5271 is essentially the same as was v7.67 Build 5271. v7.66 build 5271 is the full package with installer, v7.67 Build 5271 was just an intermediate to test a fix for the above problem.