HWiNFO window doesn't show after display driver failure even after reinstalling

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I opened Halo Infinite, must've had an unstable overclock and Windows hung. I force rebooted, and HWiNFO just straight up doesn't display. I'll see this in the taskbar, and I can actually open the settings from the tray just fine.


I tried to uninstall it (kept saying "command line is a pro feature" and wouldn't proceed past that point, kept reopening HWiNFO even if I closed it manually but I managed to uninstall it in safe mode somehow) but even if I open the latest beta I'll see nothing.
Okay... After my display went to sleep and woke up again this just resolved itself... Nevermind lmao
Probably the GPU driver was stuck somehow which was also blocking HWiNFO.
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