HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v5.02 released


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HWiNFO32/64 v5.02 has been released.
  • Fixed a serious memory leak causing rising memory usage.
  • Fixed CPU usage monitoring when System Summary window is active.
  • Some minor bugfixes and enhancements.
Hi Martin,

I'm using laptop Alienware 17 R2 (early 2015), with optimus NVIDIA GTX 980M and Intel HD 4600. Using the latest driver from both Intel and NVIDIA. I have been tested it for several days, I enabled Hwinfo sensor OSD and use MSI Afterburn to display the sensor info of my NVIDIA GPU when I'm playing games. I saw that in the game, sometimes Hwinfo report everything is 0 with NVIDIA GPU, but MSI Afterburn itself report the GPU working continuously. I play GTA V, so I can say that it use NVIDIA all the time, nothing related to Intel here. But I don't know why Hwinfo report thing differently.

Do you think you can fix it? Or maybe because windows 10, nvidia, intel work independently and cause such thing like this?

The first 4 line is from MSI Afterburn itself. HWinfo report 0 in the line 5 - GPU temp, 6 - Clock. sometimes it report correctly




Indeed, it seems that Windows 10 drivers work a bit different and it looks as if they sometimes report that the GPU is not enabled.
I will need to investigate this deeper, so please use this build: http://www.hwinfo.com/beta/hw64_503_2576.zip and try to capture that situation with Debug Mode enabled and attach it here for analysis.
This really looks like a bug in NVIDIA drivers - they tell me the GPU is disabled most of the time.
I'm not sure whether this is a bug in just reporting of the GPU state, or the GPU is really disabled most of the time. Do you have a stable frame rate ?
Have you tried to update NVIDIA drivers to the latest version? They might have fixed this meanwhile.
I do have a stable framerate, it only drop a few fps when crowded. I didn't experience any lag during the games. I have the latest NVIDIA driver already.
Maybe NVIDIA will fix this later. I remember there have also been issues with Win8 drivers when the system was released, which were fixed later.
When the drivers tell HWiNFO that the GPU is disabled, HWiNFO doesn't access it and that's why you see 0's. This is because HWiNFO doesn't wake the GPU up in that case to preserve power.
I think I'll have to implement a switch in HWiNFO which will ignore the GPU power state and will always poll it, which should allow you to see sensor values always. This would be an intermediate fix until NVIDIA fixes this issue.
I think that would be nice. The GPU show 0 so it really difficult for me to use the fan control. Until then, I hope NVIDIA will fix the driver issue soon.

Thank you!
I have contacted NVIDIA regarding this problem, hope they will fix this soon.
In v5.03-2585 Beta I have added a new option ("Poll Sleeping GPUs") that you can enable and use until NVIDIA fixes this problem.
Please let me know if that helps.
Thanks Martin, It's really works. Enable and restart Hwinfo, start an app that need GPU NVIDIA (here I start 3DMark) and the GPU is show up immediately. That's is really nice. Thank you.
Thanks for your feedback.
It's just an intermediate solution until NVIDIA fixes this, because using this mode can cause the GPU to be woken up in cycles if it's not used.