HWINFO32 dos't starting in Windows 95


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HWINFO32 dos't starting in Windows 95. I'll tried ver 3.96 and latest stable 4.04. Nothing happiens. No logs, no error messages, nothing...
Please open the HWiNFO32.INI file in a text editor (i.e. notepad), search for parameter "DebugMode" and then set it to 1 (DebugMode=1).
Then try to start HWiNFO32 and check if it produced a HWiNFO32.DBG file. If yes, then please attach or send it.
I set DebugMode=1 but no result. No HWINFO32.DBG file created. No errors or other useful info displayed. HDD activity around 30 sec and nothing happiens.

I am trying run HWINFO32 on my vintage laptop with AMD Am586 (486) CPU, 8Mb RAM and strange PicoPower chipset.
Maybe too low memory to run?
On such old machines I'd rather suggest to run HWiNFO for DOS. Note, that you can't run it from Windows, but from DOS.