hwinfo64 5.11-2730 have question,about voltage.


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Hello all.
What is voltage  on screenshot on VIN4,VIN6,3VSB have small voltage :huh: and what this, It excites me  :huh:
VIN6 and 3VSB seem to be just invalid values from not-connected sensor inputs. VIN4 might be something real, but I don't know what it is, because ASUS probably doesn't use it.
Hey again,i I asked hwinfo64  screenshot on formula-z at other people just look,and say me what is "vin 4 interpretation"
On the right my screenshot:

On the right my screenshot:
I don't know for sure, I'd need full mainboard schematics. Since it's so inconsistent, it might be completely invalid. But only ASUS knows for sure...
The appearance of such figures can be explained by the peculiarities of CMOS circuitry chips - their input stages have a very high input impedance (10E9 - 10E12 Ohms) and small input capacitance of the gate - usually within a few pF which can cause damage by static electricity. To prevent the breakdown of the circuit transistor gate often shunt voltage divider, which at the same time shifts the operating point of the FET in the linear region of its current-voltage characteristics (CVC) and probably the chip measures the offset voltage presence on this input, and judging by its value this input circuit is not connected to ground the device. This is acceptable, but it is incorrect because the circuit solutions can lead to errors in the measuring circuit.

Exactly what measures the chip on the data input I could tell you after the analysis of the concept device, but no manufacturer will provide it for that outsider engineer, moreover, even if he will give a document called "The electrical circuit of the device ..." in he often made mistakes that make schematics collected on it the device inoperative - a real schematic diagram of a commercial secret of the manufacturer.