HWiNFO64 doesn't remember sensor only setting


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I recently started using hwinfo64 to keep track of the temperatures in my system, and it worked fine for a while. After I set sensor only mode once it started in sensor only mode every time afterwards (which is what I wanted.)

Because of unrelated causes I had to reinstall and am now running hwinfo64 3.86-1370 (I think I was running 3.85 before, but I'm not sure), and now I get the sensor only/run/configure screen every time I start hwinfo.

I'm not sure if i should post this as a bug, because I'm not 100% sure the original behavior wasn't a glitch. Either way, is there a way I can get hwinfo to behave like that again?
I'm not sure if I understood correctly, is the issue you're having that when you check the Sensor-only mode it doesn't remember it (subsequent start of HWiNFO64 doesn't have this item checked) ? Or is the problem that the first screen displays always and you need to click OK (or press Enter) ?
Sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant the latter, the initial screen didn't show and it just went straight ahead with detecting sensors after launching. I liked it that way because I could just launch it and forget about it.
Try to enable the "Minimize Main Window on Startup" option. That will suppress the initial screen as well.