HWiNFO64.ini Missing from 6.26 Portable Zip


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Hi guys,
This isn't really a bug as such but I couldn't find anywhere else to report it. I just downloaded HWiNFO v6.26 Portable zip from the FossHub mirror. Normally I just copy and replace HWiNFO64.exe and ignore the rest of the files. This time, however, I couldn't help noticing that HWiNFO64.ini is missing. Both 32-bit files are there, but there is only an .exe for 64-bit.

I can confirm that the same happens when downloaded from any source listed in the "Free Download" drop-downs on the HWiNFO downloads page.

I suspect I may have missed an announcement or something saying that HWiNFO64 doesn't need the .ini. If I have then please let me know. If not then you may want to add the missing file. (I've never actually opened the .ini files so I don't know if users could simply change the 32 to 64 and use it or not. I guess there will be some differences though.)

This was an intentional change. The INI file is no longer required as all settings are set to default values when it's not present. The file will be created once the user changes settings, which then takes precedence.
This change also avoids overwriting of the INI file during install process which was confusing for many users.
HWiNFO32 keeps the INI file as it stores the benchmark results only.