hwinfo64 issues


Hi. When start hwinfo64, the program delay for 5-10 seconds, when detecting video card sensors. How to fix that? Thank you and sorry for my english.

Sometimes, hwinfo64 shows wrong info for cpu cores. Instead 3700 mhz, the program shows 7500mhz for each core??? My cpu is i7-4771, video card - r9 290 tri-x oc
You should be able to reduce the scanning time by disabling the "GPU I2C Support" option. In case your GPU has additional external or VRM sensors, they won't be reported when that option is disabled.
Do you use the latest version of HWiNFO? That should improve the scan speed even when the "GPU I2C Support" option is enabled, so you shouldn't loose those sensors.
Yes, I using tha latest final version. Perhaps have to check/uncheck some from 'GPU I2C Support' menu?

Thank you for the best hardware monitoring program.
Make sure the "GPU I2C Caching" option is enabled.
You can also try to disable some of the "I2C Bus Exclusion" boxes to see if that will speed up the scan without loosing those sensors.
In 'GPU I2C Bus Exclusion' I check box '7' and hwinfo64 loads quickly. And do not loose any sensors for VRM.