HWINFO64 locking up on flushing buffers


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When I try to start the program it just hangs there after flushing buffers. I can't even terminate the process. This is the entirety of the debug file:

 ==================== HWiNFO64 Build 1970 ===================

OS: Win7

CPU Count=6
CPU Count2=6
Group Count: Max=1, Act=1
SysLogProcInfo: MaxGroup=1, ActGroup=1
Group[0]: MaxCPU=6, ActCPU=6, Mask=000000000000003F
CPU[00]: Group=0, Num=0, Mask=0000000000000001
CPU[01]: Group=0, Num=1, Mask=0000000000000002
CPU[02]: Group=0, Num=2, Mask=0000000000000004
CPU[03]: Group=0, Num=3, Mask=0000000000000008
CPU[04]: Group=0, Num=4, Mask=0000000000000010
CPU[05]: Group=0, Num=5, Mask=0000000000000020

- Flushing buffers...


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Are you sure that it lockus up, how long have you tried to wait? Under certain conditions (i.e. when launching from an SSD drive and/or there is another application with intensive disk operations running) it might take quite long to flush all buffers.


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Hi Martin,

Your right! Though the Start Up process, I have seen HWiNFO64 take up to 10 minutes to start, on occasion it is almost immediate. When I manually start it, it is usually fairly fast. I just go on doing other things and let it take care of itself.

However, if on occasion my cursor is clicked on the small status bar, (in W 8.0 and W 8.1 the cursor disappears) the non-responsive system, the why mine is set(force closer) will ask if I want to close or wait. I just click wait.

Hope this helps a little? :D



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I'll add an option to let the user disable "Flushing buffers". This is just a precaution feature in case HWiNFO might crash the system, so no data will be lost.

EDIT: Done ;) Will be available in the next build released.