HWiNFO64 -- no Benchmarks?


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I have been a fan and a user of HWiNfo32 for a long time, So I tried out HWiNFO64 version 4.08-1800. It seems to work on my Dell core i3 for everything except no more benchmarks icon.

HWiNFO32 (same version) still has the benchmarks icon and it works.

Not sure if it was left out intentionally or I have a problem. I tried searching to see if a list of features for HWiNFO64 was available or someone else ran into this with no results. [/font]
Yes, this is intentionally, because the benchmarks have not yet been ported to 64-bit.
There seems to be only small interest in benchmarks in HWiNFO, so I didn't take this with a high priority.