HWInfo64 Shared Memory Viewer: What happens if I choose the wrong sensors?


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I'm using a RainMeter skin called RainFormer which relies on HWInfo64 Shared Memory. In order to configure RainFormer to read appropriate sensor values into RainMeter, the user must choose the appropriate sensor from HWInfo64 Shared Memory Viewer, and there are many many sensors. Is it dangerous if I choose the wrong one? I understand that RainMeter wouldn't display the correct value, but does choosing the wrong sensor value in HWInfo64 Shared Memory Viewer change anything for actual system performance? I don't want to accidentally melt my computer or change any system behavior. I simply wanted to monitor termperatures and usage.
I'm a total noob and have searched the forums and haven't seen anyone address this, so I really appreciate any advice. My hope is that the only consequence is that the monitor (RainMeter) won't read correctly.


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Nothing to worry about, HWiNFO doesn't change anything in the system, it only reads the sensor values.