HWiNFO64 Task Keeps Running


New Member
I was playing around with HWiNFO64 the other day. After I was through with it, I X closed the UI window. But since that time, I notice that there is a process task still running labeled HWiNFO64.

Why is this still running after I closed the UI window?

I thought it may be continuing to run in the background and collecting info but there doesn't seem to be any way to open the UI for the task, so doing so would not be of any value. I checked services also in case it added itself to that list but nothing there.

So why didn't this process go away when I closed the UI?

This is apparently v7.42.5030. Running on Win10 Pro.
Maybe because you enabled the "Minimize Sensors instead of closing" option in HWiNFO?
Check in the tray/notification area for the HWiNFO icon.
No, that was unchecked. However, I had just reopened the app to look at some items. This time the task went away when I closed the app. I will keep an eye on it.