Hwinfo64 unable to detect cpu fans


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HWInfo seems to not be able to find my cpu fans. I'm running an Alienware Aurora R11, and the built in control center is able to detect and control the fans so they are working, but they are not showing up in HWinfo. Is there anything I need to do here? I've tried disabling the service for the built in control center just in case it was preventing other applications from talking to the fan controller, but that doesn't seem to have helped.

Also apparently my hwinfo debug file was too large to upload, so I've zipped it.


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This system is using a proprietary (EC) fan control mechanism and it doesn't even respond to DELL special functions, so I'm sorry I have no information nor idea how to detect fan speeds here.
Ah okay, I suspected something like that was the case. Unfortunate for me, but thank you for the answer. Guess I just have to rely on their proprietary software to monitor fan speeds :(
Unfortunately DELL is extremely secretive (it's easier to get information from NSA than them), so I don't think we can expect support here.
I noticed my fan info is not available either. Does the Area 51m R2 also use a proprietary fan controller?