HWInfo64 was working perfectly fine, then suddenly stopped.


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HWINfo64 was working fine. I got it to work with MSI Afterburner. I wanted it to start minimized, so I adjusted the settings. It now doesn't launch at all when I try to open it. I've closed MSI Afterburner and everything. 

The only things I have done is change my computers name, I don't think that would affect it. When I try to open it, nothing happens.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and still does the same thing. 

What can I do to diagnose this problem? I believe something is killing it before it had the chance to launch. I have closed down my virus scanners also.

EDIT: In the taskbar > Details I can see HWINFO64.exe is running and taking 14MB of memory space. But I can't get the app to open or interact with it.

EDIT 2: I uninstalled Beta 3855 in safe mode. Rebooted, installed Beta 3850, it is working again.