HWiNFO64A_171.SYS BSOD with driver verifier


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I was having some random BSOD from my computer and while investigating possible issues I have noticed that everytime i enable driver verifier i get a BSOD from HWiNFO64A_171.SYS with Stop Code : PAGE_FAULT_IN_ NONPAGED_AREA.
I get this BSOD everytime,tried it with overclock and without,with XMP on and off it is the same thing.I have tested this with 2 diferent ram kits also,same thing.
I tested with 7.26 and with 7.27 Beta.
HWinfo works fine without driver verifier,i only encounter this with verifier enabled.
I am using Windows 11 Pro X64 OS BUILD:22000.856 with latest updates.
Is this a known issue?

Thank you.


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No, this isn't known. When does the BSOD happen, right when you start HWiNFO? Would you be able to attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the BSOD?
Thanks for the quick answer.
Attached are 2 BSOD minidump files just received after my first post and a picture of the settings modified on HWinfo,these settings i am using for years with no problem.
Just to mention,i am using a 12600k and Z690-F gaming motherboard with ASUS sensors disabled.

This BSOD happens just after entering Windows with driver verifier enabled,just before HWINFO autostarts.I have to get 2 BSOD then go to Safemode to uninstall HWINFO to be able to enter Windows normal and disable verifier.

Should i try with driver verifier enabled but without autostart in HWinfo?


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