HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 gadget "Always on Top" problem


i am using HWInfo and and desktop gadget for about 4 years, the best app in the whole internet by the way.

I have a problem for a few weeks, some times desktop gadget comes to top of every window in the desktop, even if "always on top feature" is not checked. It usually comes to top when i open recycle bin, or explorer, when opening maxthon browser.

This becomes really annoying, is there a way disabling it?

RE: HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 gadget "Always on Top" problem


Sorry, but I'm not sure why this would happen.  I personally have not experienced it, and a quick google did not seem to find much.

This is controlled by the sidebar engine itself.  It draws the gadgets and controls the behavior of the window.  The only thing this gadget provide is the inner contents of the window.  Therefore, there is really nothing I can do to check or fix this issue.  I'd suggest just doing some deeper googling to see if others have the same issue and if a resolution exists.