i513600k "Limit Reasons"


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Both "GT: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4" and "RING: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4" are always "Yes".

I have my MSi mobo set to "Tower Cooler" which is if I recall correctly PL1&2 at 288w and 512a? I was hitting IA: Electrical Design Point "Yes" flag at "Boxed Cooler" which is 181w, can't remember amps..probably 194a or something. I just built this PC and was worried something might not be working right.

Full Specs if needed-
i5 13600k (CPU Lite Load Mode 7) - AK620 cooler
MSi Pro z790p mobo
32gb cl16 3600 xmp ram
ASRock 6700xt