Im getting an error 'Enter an integer between 0 and 7000'


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So when i click on the fan icon and then click on custom auto(I have dell inspiron 7348 2-in-1), It says Enter an integer between 0 and 7000 in a dialog box and i have to click ok two times, Then when i select a sensor it gives the dialog box with the same error and i have to click ok, Then In the temperature 1 source's drop down, there is nothing. Its blank..
I have tried the latest beta build, the one before that and 3-4 different versions?
Is there a fix for this?
Doesn't work. I found another fix, this app i found deep in the google results. Page 22 lol. It helps control my fans and they work again.
Thanks for the help tho, maybe it was a client error as dell doesn't allow fan speed changing, i had to go into test mode and disable it.