Improvement For Memory


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it would be great, if the memory/spd information in hwinfo's system summary could be improved.

1) In the memory info we need also tRFC (see cpu-z in memory.jpg)
2) In SPD info we need also tRC (see cpu-z in spd.jpg

we would be very thankful if these two readings would be completed.



Is this for the i7-960 ?
I have checked and Trfc should be reported under current memory parameters for Nehalem.
Trc should also be available under SPD as "Minimum Active to Active/Refresh Time (tRCmin)".
yes but we would like to see this in "system summary" as well to complete the standard readings like in cpu-z. there are two columns free, enough place.

would be great.
Yes, because I don't know how to read the current value of tRC for that memory controller.
i mean,

if you cannot get this info, it's not so bad,
cpu-z does not display this either in the memory settings, just in spd like you, too.

i would just move tRFC to the empty column of tRC and move CR down to the recent column of tRFC. so you have all in a line.

the spd readings are exellent now.

very helpful to get these important infos right in the summary listings.