Incompatibility with Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat

This is a known issue, but it's not HWiNFO what's causing it. The Vanguard driver is blocking several tools and operations, it's very aggressive and acts like a root-kit:
Thank you for the reply! I already knew it is blocking some driver loads which contains exploits but I didn't knew they are blocking some hardware data aswell.
I don't think they are blocking the hardware, but others trying to access it. Some completely (i.e. they don't even allow CPU-Z to load its driver), some others only partially.
While I can understand their concerns and reasons for not accepting certain vulnerable drivers (and I believe there will be many more such, even from big vendors), the Vanguard driver is behaving too aggressive and paranoid. They also won't be able to catch all vulnerable drivers, while some others they restrict too much. Anyway, such heavy invasion into the system and attack on other applications is not acceptable.
To come back on this; the issue has now been resolved, Vanguard updated a few days ago which changed the way it does stuff.
Thanks for the feedback, this is good news. Looks like they realized their actions were too aggressive.