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Hello, I am finding several inconsistencies with HWiNFO64.

They all appear to be HWiNFO's fault when compared with other software.

1. DIMM voltage is always reported as 1.680v. HWMonitor reports the voltage correctly as I change it in the BIOS.
2. First core keeps dropping to 0Mhz. However, it does not appear under the Minimum column. Also CPU-Z confirms it stays at normal speed
3. Randomly, HWiNFO reports that PCIe clock drops down to ~1Mhz for roughly 1 second, hence the cores clock also drops. However, CPU-Z stays at constant clock

BIOS is set to 38x Core Multiplier and Fixed

ASUS 7970
G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL 2x


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You didn't attach a HWiNFO Debug File, so I can only provide some assumptions:
1. For the invalid DIMM voltage, please try to use the latest Beta build of HWiNFO (v4.31-2065). It should be fixed there.
2. Try to disable the "Periodic polling" option under Safety/"CPU Clock Measurement". This might solve the issues with clock reporting.
Please let me know if that helped.
Em, what exactly does disabling Periodic polling does? I'm asking this since I'm sure there is a reason this option is under "Safety"
If you hold the mouse cursor over this item, it will give you more information about it.
That option when enabled checks your BCLK every cycle, so you can safely switch it off. Don't worry about it ;)