Incorrect GPU Memory Utilization with R9 285?

The HWinfo64 always show only 52% utilization from vram. Even when it reachs 2gb. So, I can only think in three scenerys:
1 - the HWinfo64 is detecting wrong max memory
2 - that could be a sign for a 4gb version and a breach in current model bios
3 - (dreaming) a hipotetic new 4gb model with the sabe chip, and my chip is only with 2 extra gb deactivated :rolleyes: . Like HD 6950 with deactivated shadres

Any idea?

Thanks for replys.
Please provide more information, at least your GPU type and a screenshot of the value.
Is this model:

But, Ive just noticed that is always showing 52%. In max, min and average:
Thanks. I'll additionally need the HWiNFO Debug File to check internally whether this is a problem in drivers or HWiNFO.
Sorry for taking too long to reply. I've got this debugging while I was playing some FC4.

UPDATE: I've just tried to upload the debug file but it's too big. Só I've got to host the file in my own http server. It's safe, is just the server of a comercy enterprise website that I build years ago. Please, tell me when you get it so I can remove from server. Here's the link:

Thanks againg
Thank you, I have downloaded that file.
I'm afraid the method HWiNFO uses to report "GPU Memory Utilization" on your GPU model doesn't work. It should be ignored and I'll remove this value in the next build until a reliable method is found.
Thank you for reply. It seens that it get values in megabytes and maybe just dont convert corretly to percentage... but, not a big deal anyway