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I just started taking a look at the program (HWinfo64) along with other system information/benchmarking tools.  is there any way to increase the size of the system summary window? There's lots of good information there , but it can be pretty tough to read with a high screen resolution.  Thanks for entertaining the question......
The summary window is currently not resizeable, but it should support high-DPI screens (scaling) and adjust automatically.

First, I appreciate the efforts in creating and maintaining HWiNFO. However, the HWiNFO screen (imo) is unnecessarily small on modern resolutions/monitors (imho). On a ~23-24Inch monitor at your standard 1920x1080 resolution.

IE a screenshot:

The arrows indicate the window that should allow a resize option (or at least for ease of coding/formatting.. some styling sheets or similar to double its size) But a click and drag window with scaling fields seems the most convenient and utilized elsewhere.

Here's another shot where I quickly (and roughly) matched font size with the first MS Word font that popped up.

font size example.jpg

This very roughly comes out, for me, at around 8 point sizing. Now I sit about 32" away from my monitor.. but this seems excessively small at any distance in comparison to the window that comes to forefront of HWiNFO with the System Summary in this picture.

This actual window seems excessively small to begin with.. I understand wanting to preserve screen real estate but I'd much rather have it resizable or larger than too small - Not to mention when it's reading a massive conglomeration of technical information. I feel the sizing has carried over from previous resolutions, PPI for said screen size , OS's etc. (maybe not).. and what was a good size back in the day should be re-evaluated in 2021.

Although this might be by your aesthetic design/intent.

Anyhow - I'm not here to prove a point that it's small cause I think that is subjective but fairly clear that it would be agreed upon to be on the 'smaller' side when reading from a typical modern desktop monitor. Now put that sucker up on a 60" TV.. and the PPI is going to be massively different. (PPI/DPI and screen size, x-height, radians, arc etc for optimal viewing / reading -- is another subject entirely but is a great way to figure out a happy medium if one isn't going to have window sizing or view size options imo.)

Bottom line: Can HWiNFO be larger, perhaps in a future version or update to this? Am I missing something that has added this function? (I don't , for many reasons, think Microsoft's OS Scaling should be the answer given how terribly it is implemented and functions to this day. Will it make things bigger, sure... but so will a magnifying glass lol.. doesn't mean it's a good solution.)

This is similar in similar informatic programs like CPU-Z/ID and the like.

I'm curious into any solutions to this forthcoming and/or consideration in the code (and how difficult would it be in a future update as the developer?).

Thanks for your feedback, I agree that this should be improved.
Just one question - what is you current display scaling (%), are you perhaps using multiple monitors with a different scaling ?
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YES please - if the font sizes could be enlarged as a whole, that would be great. Especially for people with poor eyesight due to age.

I have 2x 32" monitors, both running 1920x1080 and 100% scaling, and I find it very hard to read most of the text.

While the fonts in the Report? screen are a little easier to read, it would be great if both the fonts in the Summary Screen AND the Report screen were adjustable?
As it stands the Summary Dialog could fit 6 times on 1 of my screens (3 columns x 2 rows) due to its size, would be great if this fit at least HALF my screen and fonts adjusted accordingly.

Comparing Windows Display settings font sizes (Left) to the Report Display (Middle) and the Summary Dialog (Right).

Would be great if the font sizes could be at minimum the same size as "Get a brighter and more vibrant picture"
Font size (and entire window size as a result) of the Summary window will be increased in the next (Beta) build.