Insane power draw on Gigabyte RX 5700


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I've recently bough the said variant of 5700 (non-XT) with Micron GDDR6. It was flashed with XT bios and I flashed it back to vanilla 5700. So far, while the card works perfectly fine, the total power readings I get from the card are terrible even by 5700XT standards. For it to achieve a stable 1800mhz clock I need to run it at around 880mv and max out the power limit to 204W. It draws 200 watts just to run Cyberpunk at 1800mhz WITH MASSIVE UNDERVOLT, literally every Youtube video that benchmarks 5700 cards shows the power draw in 130~150W range. I have a feeling that either the power sensors are defective or I flashed the wrong bios (though it behaved the same on a 5700XT bios). It also runs really chill for how much it allegedly consumes, didn't have the usual 5700 hotspot issue even on old thermal paste and 200W. I tried googling about this card's possible quirks, but it seems like a really obscure variant, not to mention it only has a single 8pin.

Here is a screenshot of the card running memtest_vulkan (a VRAM stress test). It's interesting to me that it has two measures of memory power (VDDIO and VDDCI_MEM), I've never seen that before on my Polaris and Vega cards. And VDDIO seems always approximately 2 times higher than VDDCI_MEM. What is the actual difference and can 8gb of GDDR6 really consume around 45W? I never seen my Vega use more than 25~ish and that was in VRAM stress tests. Also the core current is ridiculous, I ran a stress test at 1350mhz/800mv (minimum allowed by driver) and got 115A/90W on core.
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I solved this problem entirely by flashing a different VBIOS, which seemed the same, but newer. Now everything is well within ranges for a 5700 on driver and HWiNFO readings.
AMD reference 5700 nonXT has an official total power of 180W. Boost clock (GPU) up to 1725MHz.
I expect maybe some AIB cards to go as far as ~200W.

That 180W is for the entire card. So GPU power alone (excluding, memory, fans, etc..) sould be less than 180W.
"GPU PPT Limit" is referring to GPU alone power draw. This means that 204W is GPU only power and the entire card could go up to 220W.
225W is the official 5700XT power.

RX 5700

I had an 5700XT for about 4years. MSI GamingX 5700XT.
That card had a total power draw up to 230W (GPU PPT Limit 210W) and boost clock was up to 2000~2050MHz
GPU Core TDC Limit was max at 191A
GPU SoC TDC Limit was at 14A

I think that a 5700nonXT at ~1800MHz can be slightly over the reference 5700 since it has about 100MHz more boost than the stock 1725MHz
I assume this 5700 has an overclocked version of 5700 VBIOS.

RX 5700XT

On each page you will find at bottom a selection of VBIOS