Intel driver bugs on C200 chipset


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Hello all,

I just want to raise an issue I have with a DELL lx502 laptop that has

Intel sandy bridge + I7 2720QM
+ SSD Samsung 840 series

I have installed windows 10 and the latest Intel drivers... I think it was something like ver 14.5, downloaded on 08/13/15
I was not a good idea, because when the PC got idle, a BSOD appeared ... with 0% staying.. meaning that the OS is not able anymore to write any data on the disk (not able to write the dump file).

Then my attention focused on the controller driver and I decided to roll back to a previous version
Intel(R) 6 series /c200 from 07/25/2013 

And no BSOD anymore

This is really not acceptable from a company such as Intel ...
Is there other reports like this ?