Intel RAID + HWinfo64 + large (10GB+) file transfers = random reboots


Rebuilt my Plex server and copied ~2TB to the Intel RST RAID 0 array without issue before installing other apps such as HWinfo64. Everything was fine until I realized that I had somehow missed about 1.5TB of media. When I attempted to restore it while HWinfo64 was running my server would randomly reboot. I tried restoring the files in smaller batches but still ran into reboots. I then exited HWinfo64 and started restoring the files in batches of increasing size and haven't had any issues. My last batch was ~300GB and was successful and I'm now copying my last batch of ~600GB. I'd like to run HWinfo on my server full time as I have the 3.5" Goverlay screen to monitor its stats. I do not need any stats related to storage though. Is there a setting I can change to avoid this seeming incompatibility? (Please don't suggest switching to Microsoft RAID. It performs so much worse.)

Possibly relevant data:
Windows 10 Pro x64 1903
ASrock Z87 Extreme 6 motherboard, BIOS v 2.40
RST driver version
Latest stable HWinfo64 (I'll add a dbg file here when I'm done restoring files)

A DBG file would be useful to check...
Try to disable Drive Scan in main settings of HWiNFO if that will solve the issue.